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It's with great pleasure that I welcome the Supreme Pain on our female webzine ALONE MUSIC. Born in 2006, Supreme Pain talk about their  latest release "Divine Incarnation" ready to kick ass! But leaving aside the pleasantries, let’s hear what they have to say us.


 Hi guys and first of all thanks for your time!  Anyway, It's just been released under Massacre Records  your new album "Divine Incarnation", with truly death metal. It's inevitable the excellent result, so I am curious to know what there’s behind  the sound and songwriting of this latest work

Hey there, here Erwin guitarist thanx for your interest and nice to hear you like our new akbum Divine Incarnation. Well for this album we had the isea to create fast death metal but also with an evil atmosphere and we think we captured this pretty good. About the songwriting Bas and I write at home the songs and then we work it out together in the rehearsal room. For this album Bas wrote the majorty of the music and I wrote all the lyrics of the songs,


I saw that you had many line-up changes. How did this affect on the band?

Yeah we had some line-up changes but it did not affect the band. We keep on doing what we like and that is playing death metal. Also the line up changes were just unfortunate and had nothing to do with the band.


You are just active in live gig: is there a particular reason or you wanted to focus more on growth as a group? As you can see the Italy under this point of view, might be a good place?

Well because of the latest line up change, Paul the drummer was forced to stop playing drums because of an shoulder in jurie we had to search for a new drummer and recently we found a very good one in the person of Eric de Windt en we are now working on the set and it is going very well so we can start playing live gigs again. We find it very cool to play live and would be killer to play in Italy.


It says that you should never judge a work from the cover, however it is interesting to know “the work in progress”. Also because it’s the cover that launches the first message. What can you say about it?

Well a good cover is important to get peoples attention, but for me it is not the most important the most important is what is behind the cover and in this case the music. I know that there are many bands in the scene that people like only because of the name and not realy listen to the music, that is sometimes frustrating but I also don’t realy care. With Supreme Pain we keep doing what we like and make the music what we find is cool to do. And we hope that other people also enjoy our music.


Compared to earlier works, what would you change and what not? And also, Did you make the right choices?

To be honoust we are very happy with the style we play and also the earlier work, we keep playing songs from our first 2 albums in our live set, so we will not change a lot. It will always be blasting death metal with a old school feeling in it. But we try to get better musicians and songwriters. So we will not all of a sudden add female vocals or orchestra or something like that haha. On the last album we tried to create more atmosphere and we think it worked out good so with that we made the right choice and with the new music we will continue with this but also stay loyal to our death sound.


Last but not least, what would you tell to fans and your public?

First of all a big thank you to all our fans who like the music of Supreme Pain and give us support. Horns Up !!! And to the people who don’t know us, if you like pure evil blasting death metal give your ears the change to listen to Supreme Pain !!!

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